Match Lighting Fixtures to Your Style

Whether you think of yourself as mid-century modern, traditional, rustic or high fashion, your sense of style is evident by the clothes you wear and in the way you decorate your house. Choosing the right lighting for your space can sometimes feel a little daunting, though, so Progress Lighting has put together a guide that matches styles and fixtures.

Mid-century modern

Progress Lighting Mid Century Modern Fixtures

For example, folks who enjoy their style with a little bit of quirkiness mixed with function, bold shapes and geometric patterns probably gravitate toward a mid-century modern vibe.

Mid-century modern furniture has a modern,space age feel, adding unique shapes and pops ofcolor to a room,” Progress Lighting notes on their mid-century modern style board.

To complement that style, the company offers statement lighting using quintessential elements in their Mod, Bingo, Haven, Mesh and Draper collections.


Progress Lighting Traditional Fixtures

Cozy and comfortable, symmetry and an attention to detail all define a traditional space. Dark wood tones and overstuffed furniture can be hallmarks of a sense of traditional style; you’ll also see intricate moldings and refined window treatments in a traditional home.

“Traditional decorating is all about creating comfortable and cozy spaces,” Progress Lighting’s style board reads. “In traditional rooms you’ll find elegant additions, symmetrical set-ups and careful attention to detail, from the woodwork to the draperies.”

Lighting a traditional home could incorporate fixtures from the Applause, Crestwood, Inspire and Kensington collections.


Progress Lighting Rustic Farmhouse Fixtures

Rustic farmhouses are decorated in a white pallet with simple shapes and homey fabrics in an open floor plan. Wood tones are rich and found in exposed beams, solid mantels, hardwood floors and reclaimed materials.

Lighting fixtures like those found in the Crestwood and Greyson collections immediately evoke a sense of the past and a simpler way of life.

The farmhouse style of design encourages integrating rich wood tones wherever possible,” the Rustic style board advises. “This style represents the simplicity and common sense functionality of country living while incorporating an antique charm to any lifestyle.”


Progress Lighting Luxury Fixtures

Go full-on glam with lighting that makes a luxurious statement, but don’t stop there. Decorate your space with lavish materials like natural stone – think marble – leather and velvet furniture, a darker neutral palette and plenty of sparkle.

Progress Lighting offers the Elina, Nisse and Roxbury collections to satisfy even the choosiest diva with plenty of bling and sass in even a simple sconce.

Focus on lavish materials such as leather, velvet and suede for furniture. Clever composition and a darker,neutral color palette are also customary with this style,” Progress Lighting’s Luxury style board reads.


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