Matt Muenster: Smart Bathroom Storage Essentials

To a fault, I have a pretty good memory. I remember almost every detail of every bathroom we’ve crashed on “Bath Crashers.” I remember homeowner’s names. I remember the DIY projects. I remember the products we used. The one thing I don’t remember is hearing anyone ever complain, “I think we have too much storage.”

Storage is a bathroom amenity that gets lost amongst talk of the heated floors, the towel warmers, the steam showers and the TV mirrors. It is, however, an essential part of a luxurious bathroom. It gives us the means to keep that bathroom looking luxurious. That’s why good storage solutions are so essential in a small space like a bathroom. Clutter is an aesthetic assassin and unavoidable if we don’t have a place to put our stuff away.

The vanity is home base to all of our activities in the bathroom and the first place weMatt Muenster Malena Falls Vanity should look to provide a home for our products. We belly up to the countertop and mirror and go through our routines every day, and we need good storage solutions that are convenient. Drawers of varying sizes make storing our products of varying sizes easy. Baskets or containers behind vanity doors help keep large shelves a little more organized and accessible. In our exclusive collection of vanities I made with DECOLAV, we incorporated clever storage solutions such as spice rack pullouts, small drawers within larger drawers and open small cubbies for rolled towels.

The shower is another overlooked area where storage opportunities are critical. Insider tip: If your products are the best-looking part of your shower, it’s a pretty good indicator that you’re due for a renovation. Luckily, the best solution for shower storage is addressing it either during construction or during a remodel. Recessed storage niches in between the stud cavities in the walls are ideal places to discretely place your products. Plus, anything you can do to keep one of those over-the-showerhead caddies out of your life is a good thing.

Wall mounted cabinets are a great place to put items like toilet paper rolls or other products you don’t use daily. Similar to the recessed shower niche, these cabinets can also be sleeved into the stud cavity to maximize the efficiency of the storage without the cabinet feeling too intrusive in the room. It’s a small space, so take advantage of the 4” or so of depth the wall construction provides you. Again, the most important consideration to solve the clutter problem is to provide opportunities for solutions.

Finally, be honest with yourself about your stuff. Does it all need to exist on your countertop or in your shower all the time? Sort through the essentials and feel free to ditch stuff you just don’t use that often. For the remaining essentials, having the forethought to create places to put them away makes us more likely to actually do it.  Convenience is king. Without convenient storage opportunities, even a beautiful bathroom can be quickly on its way to disaster.

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