Moen Innovations Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Moen Faucet wants you to know that when they dream up an innovative use for technology or invent something completely new, they only – and always – do it with you in mind; from making kitchen clean up that much faster to giving you flexibility and luxury in the shower to finishes that stand up to the wettest rooms in the house.

Moen harnessed some of the most cutting-edge advancements to make every-day tasks in the kitchen easier for you and give you a spa-like experience every time you step in the shower.

In the kitchen

Revolutionize prep and clean up in the kitchen with MotionSense touchless technology and PowerClean kitchen faucets.

Available with either one or two sensor zones, Moen’s MotionSense delivers water exactly when you need it with just a wave of your hand or by holding a pot, vase or mug under the spout.

MotionSense delivers a host of additional benefits as well:

  • Designed with you in mind, MotionSense faucets respond quickly and come in a variety of styles so you never have to compromise on gorgeous functionality;
  • By delivering water only when you need it, MotionSense helps eliminate the chance of wasting water;
  • MotionSense can also help reduce the spread of germs; and
  • Perhaps best of all, your MotionSense faucet will require less cleaning because never again will you need to contort your arms to turn water on and off while your hands are icky from cooking or crafts.

Moen’s PowerClean is all about increased force without more splash.

By increasing the spray of their pulldown and pull-out faucets by up to 50 percent over traditional faucets, sticky messes disappear quickly without making a bigger mess by splashing all over your counter. More power also means less time cleaning up.

In the bathroom

Showering will never be the same with the introduction of the Magnetix docking system and U by Moen, which turns your shower into a spa-like experience every time you turn on the water.

Magnetix is so easy to use, you’ll do it with your eyes closed. Moen’s patented Magnetix docking for handheld showers involves an integrated magnet that allows for easy release, kink-free flexibility and snap-back return.

You’ll be able to both reach for and return your shower head without any complicated fumbling or soap dripping in your eyes.

Moen knows you’ve been dreaming about a spa-like showering experience at home, so they designed U by Moen so you can have it. Create your perfect oasis according to your needs; whether you need to wake up to start the day or you need to wind down for the night.

There are settings and an app for both so you control how long and at what temperature you shower.

Protecting your gorgeous finish

Moen knows how important it is for your faucets and fixtures to retain their good looks so you can enjoy them for years. Spot Resist Finish was developed to protect both stainless steel and and brushed nickel finishes by preventing water spots and finger smudges.

Spot Resist Finish also helps you keep your faucets looking great. Surfaces are easy to clean, which means you get more time to enjoy your home instead of spending more time keeping it clean.