MTD Vanities: Commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction

Choosing exactly the right vanity for your bathroom means putting a lot of thought and consideration into the style, finish, hardware and faucet details. You’re probably also mulling over how to choose the best mirror to complement your vision. MTD Vanities understands how crucial your decision is, so they’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating beautiful furniture out of solid oak that will last for years and feature unexpected details so you have the bathroom of your dreams.

Company owner Lior Alkoby believes deeply that the customer is always right, and he wants to provide up front the very best he has to offer.

“We are meticulous in our approach to customer service,” he explained. “Our entire team is passionate and dedicated to constantly improving products and service for our customers.”

Alkoby listed these points for shoppers to consider:

  • MTD Vanities are constructed of solid oak and finished for maximum protection against warping, cracking, and peeling. “We spare no expense,” he continued. “We never use MDF or fillers of any kind. Going cheap costs us more in the end.”
  • Most vanity legs have stainless steel feet to protect the wood from knicks and scrapes. “People have tile going wall-to-wall now so they’re cleaning their floors under the cabinet,” Alkoby said. “The metal prevents any damage.”
  • All MTD vanities include the faucet with porcelain cartridges and a matching mirror. “We want shopping to be easy,” he added. “People get frustrated sifting through too many choices.”
  • All vanities are delivered ready for installation; no assembly required other than connecting the faucet plumbing.
  • The MTD team works hard to eliminate the potential for damage by taking pieces out of their original packaging and inspecting them for nicks, scratches, and dents and to make sure all hardware works properly. Vanities are then double boxed and protected with what Alkoby calls, “the right kind of foam.” Still, if there’s anything wrong, it is immediately righted.

Alkoby has always worked in home improvement; he worked alongside his father for 20 years in the tile business. When the recession took a toll on the industry, he realized that he didn’t have a passion for tile and discovered he loves kitchens and bathrooms.

“I realized I just didn’t enjoy (tile) but I love kitchen and bath, so I looked around and got into vanities,” he said. “And I love what I do; this is a joy for me … I love coming to work every day.”

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