New Products Page Eliminates Faucet Valve Guesswork

With its new required/recommended product pages, eFaucets takes the guesswork out of shopping for new faucets.

Before, the required items – like valves and sink assemblies – were featured on the product’s detail page, but were often overlooked. Valves are especially important because without the matching part, that gorgeous new faucet will not work. (We talk about the importance of valves here.)Product detail valves

Now, when shoppers add to their
shopping cart a tub faucet or shower head set, handles or trims that require additional parts, a photo list of required and/or recommended items is displayed. When the list of required and recommended products appears, shoppers can click on any item for a pop-up box that fully explains the specifications of that particular item.

Customers will not see a list when purchasing faucets that do not require additional parts.

Even better, customers have the freedom to choose which of the displayed products they want to buy or continue to check-out without adding any items.

“We wanted to improve the shopping experience for every customer that visits,” said company CEO Mike Fox. “With the new product detail before checkout, shoppers will know exactly what they need to complete their bathtub and shower faucet purchase to successfully finish their project.”

Customers are also encouraged to call eFaucets customer service with any questions. The phone number is featured in the top right corner of the product detail page as well as in the information box that pops up when customers click on a required item.

“We understand that sometimes a call to customer service makes shoppers feel more at ease, so we want our phone number clearly visible,” Fox added.

In most cases, valves are not included with new tub and shower fixtures. Because valves are brand specific, in order for new faucets to work, the brand of the faucet and that of the valve behind the wall have to match. The new add-to-cart feature eliminates the frustration of finding the proper valve and the risk of completing an order without the entire package necessary for optimum performance.

Bathroom remodels are stressful enough without having to also worry about making sure that fabulous new shower set matches the valve inside the wall. eFaucets’ new add-to-cart feature puts an end to this worry and any potential headaches so shoppers can install and enjoy their new fixtures.

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