Pedestal vs. Vanity: Which is Perfect for Powder Room?

Space in a powder room is typically at a premium so choosing between a pedestal sink or a vanity might seem like a fairly easy decision. Not so fast. While there is plenty to appreciate about a pedestal sink (smaller footprint), there are also points in favor of a vanity (hello, storage).

Choosing a pedestal over a vanity – especially in a smaller powder room – creates a feeling of airiness that a vanity just can’t deliver. Because a pedestal sink reveals the wall behind it, paint or wall treatments are fully visible, making the bathroom feel bigger.

Another positive for pedestal sinks is that if it’s necessary, choosing one that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act is much easier than finding an ADA-compliant vanity.

No, don’t touch that mouse yet and start clicking the link above. Let’s talk about the advantages of using a vanity in a powder room.

Storage is, by far, the most appealing feature of a vanity. Even pieces with narrow profiles still retain a drawer or cabinet for tissue paper and soap.

Vanities also come in a surprising array of styles and materials, can look like a piece of furniture, like it was built-in or like it’s floating on the wall, giving shoppers the ability to individually customize the look of each bathroom.

So, really, just like every other choice – the faucet, the flooring, the light fixtures – whether to use a pedestal sink or a vanity comes down to how the room is used and what’s really needed.

If storage is near the top of the list, then choose a vanity that’s sized right for the space, but if there are other storage solutions – a medicine cabinet, open shelving above the commode – then a pedestal sink might be the better way to go.

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