Pretty in Pink: Toilet Seat Matches Guitar, Vintage Bathroom

Imagine buying a house that sat empty for five years and just wanting to clean it up enough to make it livable so you can generate a little extra income renting it out … and the bathroom is pink … and missing its toilet seat.

What would you do?

Mary Pink Guitar and Bathroom 1That’s exactly what happened to Mary Southworth; she bought a vacant home with
the goal of fixing it up so she could rent it out. Inside the house, she found a vintage bathroom
outfitted in pink, but the toilet seat was missing.

Mary successfully located a near-perfect match at

“A new pink toilet seat to match the sink, tub and tile in my new-old retro bathroom which goes perfect with my new pink guitar!” she posted in her review after installing her new seat.

Mary even roped a friend into helping her take photos of her success story. Thanks, Mary!


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