Show Off Your Before & After Photos with #MyeFaucets understands how stressful a remodel or refresh project can be, and we also know the valuable of those before & after shots from others who have gone before you. To make it easier than ever to share pictures of your stunning reveals across the social media channel of your choice, we offer the #MyeFaucets hashtag.

Use #MyeFaucets when you post photos before your project begins, at various points during construction, and definitely your brilliant “after” shots so we can follow your journey from demo to reveal.

We looked through hundreds of bathroom remodel photos before embarking on our own, and we owe a big, “THANK YOU!” to the generous folks who let us into their projects. Using lots of pictures and solid advice about timing, choosing tile, measuring for vanities.

We also very much appreciated the senses of humor of some homeowners when they discovered an issue or realized a mistake – even the ones that cost money to correct!

We’ll be sure to share your posts with other shoppers, so fellow customers can get inspired by your creativity and a job well done.

We love to see the before & after photos of shoppers’ home improvement projects, and we know you do, too, so use #MyeFaucets, and let’s help the next brave souls ready to make the leap into a remodel!




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