Shower with Speakman & Save 1 Billion Gallons of Water

You can help conserve 1 billion gallons of water this year, and it’s literally as easy as changing your shower head. By switching to the Speakman Reaction shower head for just $25, you can save up to 10,000 gallons of water.

You can also help water conservation efforts by sharing the video above this story; for every share, Speakman will donate $1 toward water conservation efforts. FLOW – For the Love of Water – is Speakman’s first water conservation initiative, and they kicked it off with this video on March 22, World Water Day.

“It’s time to react to the world water crisis,” the FLOW website reads about how using the Reaction can really make an impact. “Same powerful shower. 20% less water. $25. No brainer.”

The Reaction helps conserve water – and saves money on water bills – by making low pressure work; engineers developed a single-function spray setting that pushes water into a turbine engine that spins the water. The result is energy and velocity so every drop feels fuller for a more powerful spray without using any additional water.

Reaction shower heads regularly retail for $67 but are just $25.45 at

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