Vonn Lighting LEDs Leading Way into New Millennium

The lighting of the future is now, and Vonn Lighting wants to lead the way with its innovative line of integrated LED fixtures.

Vonn Lighting founder Serge Magarik has always had a love for cars, fashion and time pieces because of the precision, craftsmanship and design involved, and his team has channeled facets of each into every Vonn LED lighting fixture.

“We want people to get curious enough to buy their first one and then feel like they need another, almost like when people get their first tattoo,” he said. “One just is never enough.”

To reach his goal of having Vonn Lighting in every home, Magarik said his team puts their hearts into every fixture from the very first idea a designer puts on paper to the finished product as it’s packaged for delivery. Paying attention to the small details – what Magarik calls plating – is one of the key differences.

“You won’t find any visible screws or see the power cord because the ‘invisible’ support cables are the power cord,” he explained. “I can’t stress enough the focus we place on the smallest details that make the biggest difference between a Vonn fixture and anything else you’ll see in a showroom.”

Additionally, fixtures are wrapped and packaged individually with an included set of white gloves so there’s no chance of smudging the finish with fingerprints during installation.

“Your fixture receives an unparalleled level of care from the moment you choose Vonn until you open the box and then install it,” Magarik continued. “Our goal is to ‘wow’ you every step of the way.”

Another key element is the total integration of LED instead of shoppers having the ability to swap out LED lamps for CFLs or incandescent bulbs. Every Vonn Lighting fixture is also dimmable so customers can create the perfect ambiance to match the occasion; from every-day dining to special events like anniversary dinners.


Vonn Lighting fixtures are also versatile; chandeliers and pendants be used in every room of the house in part because their minimalist design both blends into any decor and serves as a showpiece. Shoppers will also appreciate the ability to raise and lower Vonn fixtures after installation, something owners of traditional chandeliers and pendant lights can’t do.

Most importantly, though, the Vonn Lighting team has priced their fixtures to help shoppers conquer their hesitation about investing in LED.

“For consumers is this economy, they need to know we’re not sacrificing anything to keep our fixtures priced so they feel great about putting a Vonn piece in their home,” Magarik added. “We never cut costs on manufacturing to keep price points attractive. Our lights are sold at or near non-LED prices because we want Vonn Lighting in every home.”

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