Which Faucet Finish Matches Your Style?

Finding the right finish to match the style of your new kitchen or bathroom can be overwhelming. Can brushed nickel fit into a country farmhouse or could oil-rubbed bronze make the perfect companion to a more modern vibe?

Before your shopping begins, think about your style, and what will make you happy every time you walk into the room. More, look around your room at the other elements you’ve chosen – the shape and material of your sink, the stain or paint of your vanity or cabinets, the color of your countertop – and think about the finish that will complement the overall look of your room.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to choose your faucet finish in the same metal as the rest of your room; door hardware, lighting, hinges on your door and cabinets, towel rods or rings, etc. You also might want to consider how easy (or not) it will be to maintain the finish of your faucet. Matte finishes are great if you want to avoid water spots and smudges, but if you’re okay with a little upkeep, and you love the bling of a polished finish, then go for it.

Of course, the best advice you can follow is to listen to your heart. You’ll know what you love the moment you see it.

Brushed nickel is a staple in both kitchen and bathrooms because its understated look never goes out of style and can adapt to fit into almost any room, no matter the theme.




Chrome is another finish that never loses its appeal and can fit into almost any style, from country farmhouse to contemporary. Chrome can go in and out of fashion, but, overall, it has a truly timeless appeal.




Polished brass works best in a vintage-styled room, and because what’s old is new again, can also work in contemporary designs, as well.



Oil-rubbed bronze comes in a variety of hues ranging from slightly aged to almost black. This finish is best with rustic and Mediterranean styles but could fit in nicely in an industrial kitchen or bathroom.


Polished nickel is gaining in popularity among modernists and homeowners who veer toward a more contemporary vibe. It’s just as shiny as chrome but darker and deeper with a more sophisticated look and feel.


Matte black is another finish that is getting a stronger foothold in kitchens and bathrooms as the new neutral and fits in with nearly any style. Most manufacturers now offer a matte black option for nearly every collection they produce.



White finish is best with either farmhouse or contemporary because it’s clean, fresh and can blend in seamlessly with an all-white scheme or make a statement with a colorful backdrop.



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