Which Shower Trim Kit Would You Choose?

Moen Voss Trol Shower Trim Moen Kingsley Posi Temp Shower Trim\

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower faucet for a new look without tearing up the whole bathroom, there are some great choices available.

When it comes to single-handle shower faucets, the real choice for homeowners is whether or not to choose a Moentrol or a Posi-Temp model. In a nutshell, the Moentrol – invented by Moen – allows users to set their water temperature and then just pull the handle out and back for easy operation while the Posi-Temp operates in a circular motion; the further away from the “off” position, the warmer the water.

The choices above represent one of each; the trim kit on the left is a Moentrol in the Voss collection with clean lines and sharper edges, and the trim kit on the right is a Posi-Temp from the Kingsley collection in a vintage style and brushed brass finish.


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