Keep your laundry room clutter to a minimum with Iron-A-Way, the brilliant ironing board and iron storage solution that installs in the wall.

Iron-A-Way is a built-in storage cabinet that includes a fold-down ironing board available in 42-inch or 46-inch lengths. Units both with and without electric include shelving for storage with a designated space for the iron that includes an insulated plate so you don’t have to wait for the iron to cool to put it away.

Deluxe models include great features like:

  • A swivel arm to make ironing more comfortable so you get the perfect look
  • Electric outlets where you can plug in your iron
  • A 60-minute timer
  • A safety disconnect switch
  • A spotlight

Installation of Iron-A-Way follows many of the same steps as a medicine cabinet; insert support braces above and below the space where the cabinet will set between two studs. Slide the unit into place and attach it to the wood frame around it with screws that are included.IronaWayDoorClosed

If you’ve chosen one of the models with electricity, you will have a little bit of wiring work to do to, but the Iron-A-Way instructions explicitly spell out the steps to get it done. A licensed electrician, of course, is always an option.

Because Iron-A-Way does come out of the wall about four inches, you should be sure you’re placing it on a wall where you’ll have easy access and can move around the ironing board when it’s fully extended.

After you’ve finished ironing to create the perfect profile for an important client meeting or to look your best on date night, tuck your iron and ironing board back inside the cabinet, and close the door. Everything stays hidden until the next time you need it.