At, customers will find hydrotherapy products from both Jacuzzi and Jason and may notice the technologies are very similar. There’s a good reason: the same great minds created both companies.

Jacuzzi is a company with over a century of history behind it, beginning in the aviation industry with a propeller used on fighter planes during WWI. The family abandoned jacuzzi logothe airline industry after an accident killed a family member and focused instead on agriculture. The use of their deep-well water pump revolutionized crop irrigation for citrus farmers in California.

When a family member with rheumatoid arthritis in the 1940s  was soothed with hydrotherapy, engineers got to work developing the first portable pump to turn ordinary bathtubs at home into therapeutic spas.

Eventually, the portable pump invention was incorporated into bathtubs, and in 1968 the world’s first Jacuzzi bathtub – the Roman – was available to the masses.

The Jacuzzi family in 1979 sold the business to a large corporate entity. Remo Jacuzzi – who had been serving as president after working in the family business since he was a teen – decided in 1982 to break off and restart the family business.

Remo called his new venture Jason, a combination of “Jacuzzi” and “son.” Jason LogoThe new name is fitting because he is one of company founder Valeriano Jacuzzi’s sons.
Both Jacuzzi and Jason bring high-quality baths to eFaucets customers, offering high style; a wide variety of options, shapes and finishes to match any bathroom decor; and a variety of other products like showers and parts and accessories to pull any look together.