JADO Glance Bathroom Faucet Collection

Sensual and flawless concepts holding a powerful clarity. GLANCE shapes the flow of water into a sweeping cascade. The designer, ARTEFAKT, has succeeded in creating a harmonious resonance between the independent strength and purity of water and a modern, reduced tap design.

The JADO philosophy expresses itself in freedom – your freedom to live your own style. JADO works with designers from around the globe to give you a rich world of ideas and inspirations to explore.

JADO Faucets is an exclusive leader in the luxury market with some designs that shine and stand out from the rest.  Sure to turn heads from the guests visiting your home.  

The Faucet Expert and eFaucets.com® are proud to offer JADO Faucets as the leading luxury brand of faucets in the market place.