paint1. Paint: Though painting is the cheapest investment you can make, it’s also the one with the most dramatic result. Go ahead and put some color on those walls for a fresh — and inexpensive — new look.






vacuum2. Do It Yourself:

There are tasks to home remodeling projects you should not be paying for. One such cost is the end of the day clean up. You can save up to $200 a week on your contracted remodel project if you grab a broom or vacuum and do the cleanup yourself.




resalestore3. Shop Secondhand Stores: Thrift stores, consignment shops, church rummage sales, online auction sites, estate sales and even salvage yards offer a bounty of discount decorating booty. Look for furniture with solid construction and classic lines that new upholstery or paint will bring back to life.
sale4. Wait Patiently for Sales and Discounts
Wait to find what you really love at a price you really love. While you shop, ask if items will be discounted any time soon. Store and department managers are usually the best sources for this insider info and may even offer you the discounted price before it goes into effect.

mixmatch5. Don’t play the match game, mix it up
Not only is a “matchy-matchy” look boring, but buying entire suites of furniture tends to cost more than putting together a creative, eclectic look. Mix it up by opting for a couch and chairs upholstered in complementary fabrics, flanking a bed with unmatched night stands and decorating with other diverse items unified by color, form, material and tone. Or try pairing a stately wood table with shiny aluminum or brightly colored plastic chairs. And don’t be afraid to mix high-end and low-end or modern and traditional.
corbells6. Add Unexpected Accessories
Almost anything can serve as an accessory, and that goes for found objects and household items that cost practically nothing. Architectural corbels rescued from a salvage yard make great bookends, while seashells and driftwood collected at the shore create a lovely natural grouping. A bowl filled with crisp green apples lends a bright pop of color to just about any surface, and a stack of vintage hard-backs books adds height, dimension and character to an occasional table.

repurposefurniture7. One man’s junk…
Use your creativity to see possibilities in items others are tossing out. Take an old shelf like the one pictured, add some wheels and a handle and you have yourself a nice serving cart.
oldtonewOr you can simply take and item and give it new life. Some stencils and a light dusting of spray paint and you got a dresser with some character.



suitecasedresserAny Good Will will have some old suite cases and you can likely find some old shelving at a recycled building materials store. What do you have? A unique and interesting chest of draws.