Nightlights on toilets … touchless operation … integrated bidet cleansing … revolutionary flushing power … wall-mounted models … welcome to the now of toilet technology.

Kohler Nighlight Toilet Seat – Stumbling around in the dark and then blinding yourself during a middle-of-the-night visit to the bathroom are both a thing of the past with Kohler’s Nighlight Toilet Seat. Softly glowing LED lights are built into the seat at the hinge to provide just enough illumination when the seat is down to guide you. Then, when the seat is lifted, the LEDs light up the bowl. The Nightlight Toilet Seat runs on AA batteries that are expected to last about six months with an average nightly usage of seven hours.

Touchless flush – Kohler and Delta both offer touchless technology for flushing toilets, and Kohler also provides a touchless flush kit to retrofit an existing fixture. In either case, the goal is to reduce the number of germs that can grow in the bathroom, one of the germiest locations in your home. While touchless toilets have been a fixture in public bathrooms for years, both Kohler and Delta have figured out a way to bring that technology into the residential market.

Washlets/integrated bidet – Europeans and the Japanese have known for hundreds of years the benefits of using a bidet in the bathroom. First developed in the 1700s, the purpose of the bidet was two-fold; cleanliness and better sanitation but has usually been a separate fixture requiring its own plumbing system. Now, though, TOTO has managed to integrate the cleaning facility of a bidet into a toilet seat so you can experience the same level of cleanliness without the added expense – and needed space – of a bidet.

Vormax flushing – The basic design of the toilet hasn’t been changed for decades, but it’s traditional design has been contributing to the accumulation of dirt and germs under the rim. American Standard has developed the Vormas flushing system combined with a new, slicker surface to keep toilet bowls cleaner. Instead of water cascading down the sides of the bowl from under the rim, Vormax toilets implement a strong rush of water from one side of the back of the bowl that swirls around to clean the entire bowl.

Wall-mounted – Don’t let a traditional floor-mounted toilet keep you from fully realizing the modern bathroom of your dreams. Step up to a wall-mounted toilet instead. Available from a number of manufacturers like Duravit, Kohler, American Standard and TOTO, wall-mounted toilets come in a variety of profiles. Squares with sharper edges, rounded plays on tradition, and thoroughly contemporary shapes are all available in wall-mounted toilets.