…Justin Timberlake…Lady Gaga…and The Bee Gees were there.  That’s right all of them were in the shower with me this morning. 

Okay they weren’t all actually there. But, I did have music from all these artists coming out of my shower head. ‘Out of his showerhead head’, you maybe asking yourself.

Yes, they were streaming from my Android phone to my pretty new Moxie Acoustic Showerhead with Wireless Speaker. Which by the way if you’re interested in how many gallons per minute it allows, it’s 2.5.


Obviously that’s not me in the photo, she’s by far more attractive than this guy. However she looks like she’s loving her Moxie as much as I did today. Check out the video below,  but don’t let the model’s singing discourage you.

I’ve only had the the shower head for one day…I don’t know how I got along without something like this. I have to laugh at my former self, trying to listen to my phone playing music from the sink countertop, sometimes wondering what song I was even listening to.

So when I installed it I was like ‘cool a speaker on my showerhead’, but then I thought about the other, ‘main’ purpose of the item, the actual shower capabilities of it.  It’s like what Marshal Ericson’s dad (How I Met Your Mother) said to Marshal about Crocodile Dundee III, “it holds up”. I was skeptical about the pressure from the shower head and to my surprise it was really quite decent. It wasn’t power-washing your skin kind of pressure and it wasn’t stand under you house eve during a nice spring time rain, but it was just right.

If you like to sing or dance in the shower you have to give this little gem a whirl, you will not be disappointed.

The Moxie