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Delta Temp 2.0 Technology for Peace of Mind

Getting the water temperature just right for either your bath or your shower no longer requires you quickly sticking your hand under the water for a quick test.

Delta‘s Temp 2.0 Technology provides color-coded temperature read-outs as well as bright digital displays so stepping into the tub or under the shower is always just right.

The entire line of Delta Temp 2.0 fixtures – shower heads, tub faucets and hand-held showers – includes three colors for easy temperature readings; blue for cold (73 degrees); purple for warm (100 degrees); and red for hot (113 degrees).

Additionally, the digital display is large and back-lit for easy reading so there’s never any guesswork when it comes to water temperature.

Which Shower Trim Kit Would You Choose?

Which Shower Trim Kit Would You Choose?
I love my Moentrol & the look of the one on the left.
Vintage styling is more my style.
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Moen Voss Trol Shower Trim Moen Kingsley Posi Temp Shower Trim\

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower faucet for a new look without tearing up the whole bathroom, there are some great choices available.

When it comes to single-handle shower faucets, the real choice for homeowners is whether or not to choose a Moentrol or a Posi-Temp model. In a nutshell, the Moentrol – invented by Moen – allows users to set their water temperature and then just pull the handle out and back for easy operation while the Posi-Temp operates in a circular motion; the further away from the “off” position, the warmer the water.

The choices above represent one of each; the trim kit on the left is a Moentrol in the Voss collection with clean lines and sharper edges, and the trim kit on the right is a Posi-Temp from the Kingsley collection in a vintage style and brushed brass finish.


Which Bathroom Faucet Would You Choose?

Which bathroom faucet would you choose?
The modern single-hole is perfect.
Love the pinstripe detailing on the right.
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Kohler Single Hole Bathroom Faucet Kohler Pinstripe Bathroom Faucet

Like any other room in your house, you want your bathroom to have style, and choosing the right faucets can make or break your design scheme.

Kohler is one of the biggest names in bathroom faucets, creating some interesting profiles and finishes, including the designs pictured above. On the left is a single-hole faucet from the Stance Collection available in both polished chrome and brushed nickel. The fixture on the right is a more traditional three-hole faucet but with a surprising pinstripe detail.


Delta Introduces Touch2.0 Soap Dispenser

Imagine not having to touch a soap dispenser again when you wash up in both your kitchen and your bathroom. Instead, just wave your hand over or under the spout or tap the spout with your wrist.

Washing up got easier with the introduction of Delta’s groundbreaking Touch 2.0 faucets, Delta touch20 soap dispenserand with the introduction of their new electronic soap dispenser, it’s faster than ever to scrub up after meals, crafts, gardening and more.

The technology for the dispenser works as fluidly as it does for Delta’s 2.0 faucets; with touch on the neck of the unit or by waving your hand over it or under it.

Even better? The soap dispenser can be used with either dish soap or hand soap.

“Touch2O.xt Technology meets the needs of consumers who are looking for an enhanced user experience in the home,” said Elliott Thompson, product manager, in a press release. “By offering counter-mounted electronic soap dispensers with this technology, we’re giving consumers desired functionality with a seamless look in the kitchen or bathroom.”