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New Grohe Eurocube Faucet Designed for Home Cooks

Home cooks looking for a kitchen faucet that stands out from the crowd will appreciate the new Eurocube from Grohe.

The Eurocube cuts an impressive figure with its geometric styling and gets even more points for features that make using and maintaining the faucet a breeze:

  • 360-degree swivel arm
  • Two spray settings
  • Patented ceramic cartridges for smooth handling
  • Anti-lime system so cleaning takes just a single wipe
  • Patented finish that sparkles and resists spots and stains

The high-arc neck makes filling and washing large pots easier, and the rocker-diverter on the spray head means you don't have to turn the water off to toggle back and forth between two spray settings.

Holding the spray head is a sure-handed affair because designers softened the Eurocube's square edges just enough for a more secure and comfortable grip.

Grohe combined the striking design of their Eurocube bathroom fixture series with their popular K7 semi-professional design to create the perfect kitchen faucet.

Touch & Touchless Faucets: Comparing 4 Top Brands

Touch and touchless faucets are amazing examples of really useful advanced technology. Not having to touch levers or handles to turn water on during messy kitchen tasks – or crafts projects – is certainly, well, handy. And, touch and touchless faucets are ideas that finally moved from commercial markets to residential in stylish packages to…
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How To Create The Perfect Shower

A great shower is the sum of many parts working together. From mixing the water to delivering it to the shower head, investing in quality components will transform your morning shower into an enjoyable and exhilarating experience.
The essential components
First you will need a shower faucet (mixer valve) to mix the hot and cold water. Mixer valves are available with or without a thermostat and can be either concealed (built into the wall) or exposed.

Most head showers are used in combination with a concealed mixer. The water pipe containing the mixed water is concealed in the wall behind the tiling until it reaches the shower-head.

Hand showers can be used with either concealed or exposed mixers. You will require a shower hose and a riser bar or shower holder to attach the shower to the wall. A riser bar is the preferred choice if the hand shower is your only shower as it lets you adjust the height of the shower-head.

User requirements
Choose a hand-shower that offers a choice of different spray patterns. This allows each user to personalize their experience.

Riser bars are ideal for multi-generation households as the height of the shower can be altered to suit both children and adults.
Grohe Shower Faucets

Shower controls
Concealed mixers or thermostats give you the freedom to locate the shower controls wherever you choose. If you are planning a large walk-in shower then locate the controls close to the entrance, so that you can turn the shower on without getting hit by an initial rush of cold water.

The controls should be easy and intuitive to use. Look out for levers and handles which move smoothly with little effort.

When it comes to shower systems and shower faucets no one does it better the Grohe.  They are the king of the shower system and Rain Shower head.  The Faucet Expert recommends Grohe Shower Faucets and shower systems.  Grohe Faucets is also a leader in stylish kitchen and bath faucets.