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Which Bathroom Faucet Would You Choose?

Which bathroom faucet would you choose?
The modern single-hole is perfect.
Love the pinstripe detailing on the right.
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Kohler Single Hole Bathroom Faucet Kohler Pinstripe Bathroom Faucet

Like any other room in your house, you want your bathroom to have style, and choosing the right faucets can make or break your design scheme.

Kohler is one of the biggest names in bathroom faucets, creating some interesting profiles and finishes, including the designs pictured above. On the left is a single-hole faucet from the Stance Collection available in both polished chrome and brushed nickel. The fixture on the right is a more traditional three-hole faucet but with a surprising pinstripe detail.


Kohler Sneak Peek: New Vintage Nickel Finish

Design, engineering and pure ingenuity come together in a new faucet finish from Kohler: Vintage nickel.

The company made the announcement on their LinkedIn page and offered a sneak peek of what a faucet will look like when products hit the market.

We’re adding a new finish to our KOHLER faucet line this summer, and here’s a sneak peek. Introducing Vintage Nickel, with an antique vibe thanks to a unique development and production process by our innovative industrial designers and process engineers,” the post reads.

Vintage nickel is made possible by taking nickel-plated pieces and running them through a machine that Kohler describes as a “blender with rocks” to create the worn, textured finish you see in the photo.

 “The complexity of this finish is what makes it unique—a combination of mechanical finishing, chemical and powder coating,” engineer Mohammad Omari is quoted as saying.

Stay tuned for when the Kohler vintage nickel finish is available on eFaucets.com.

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Faucet Style: Defining Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Country

Traditional … Transitional … Contemporary … Modern … Country … so many style choices, but what does it all mean, and what would a traditional faucet look like compared to a contemporary faucet? Let eFaucets break it down:

2 traditional faucet Delta

Traditional: Choosing a faucet to fit a traditional kitchen means looking for familiar lines and details the evoke a sense of the past. Embellishments are few and symmetry is key. (Delta Leland faucet)

transitional faucet Brizo

Transitional: Here is where traditional meets modern with straightforward lines that are not as ornate as traditional or as severe as modern. The focus is on comfort and practicality. (Brizo Belo faucet)

contemporary faucet kohler

Contemporary: Typically viewed as stark, contemporary design is really quite bold, veering more toward curves and reflective surfaces. This style is very sleek and can veer toward the industrial. (Kohler Clairette faucet)

Grohe Modern Faucet

Modern: A cousin to contemporary, modern is all sharp edges where contemporary is smooth curves. A modern sensibility is more about function and form without all the fuss. (Grohe Essence faucet)

Country faucet moen

Country: Classic, comfortable, clean, and warm all describe a country style sensibility. Finishes are rustic – more oil-rubbed bronze instead of chrome – and functionality is paramount. (Moen Waterhill faucet)