Tired of looking at that old 19-something shower/bathtub? You need a change of bathroom personality, but don’t know where to start?

There are many aspects of shopping for a new tub or shower that people don’t think about. This blurb is here to help you understand the things you need to know when shopping for a new tub or shower.

1. First off: You should take a few minutes and decide what you like and don’t like. This step is very important because you are the one who’s going to have to bath/shower in it for several years, so you need to be in love with whatever product you pick. A suggestion is to do some online searches to begin the idea refining process. You might also want to visit a showroom if you’re a more hands on kind of person. You should find a style that you feel comfortable sitting in, standing in; something you can truly picture yourself taking those wake up morning showers and the occasional ‘I’ve had a long day bath’.

2. Measure, measure, measure: this aspect cannot be stressed enough. The old carpenters’ saying, “measure twice, cut once,” the same principle holds true in picking any basin for your house. Be it a tub, shower or sink, having the correct dimensions for the opening is crucial. Here’s how to measure for your tub or shower:

Measure the opening you have for the tub both the width (which is sometimes called the depth) either way it’s the measurement front to back of the opening. Next you want the length (left to right). A snug fit is ideal, because if it fits snug it’s easier in the sealing process if you’re tiling your walls. A one piece tub/shower isn’t as important, though it needs to be a good fit left to right; again for sealing purposes. The image below illustrates width and length.


Not having the correct dimensions can cause all sorts of headaches: delay in project finish timeline, packing and shipping the incorrect product back, waiting on the new one to come. All this hassle and head ache will be avoided by taking time to double-check your dimensions.

3. What’s your budget? Are you doing a complete bathroom overhaul? How much can you spend on each part of your new bath? All these questions are important to have answers to. You have to budget for hardware: faucet, shower head, the rough plumbing pieces, sealer, etc. All these things can add up and it’s important to remember to budget for them. You must also budget for installation if you’re not planning to do it yourself.


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4. Research the process if you’re going to do the job yourself. You can save yourself more headache if you take a few minutes, research the how to of installing a tub or shower and write it down. I can’t stress enough to write it down; many times a step in the process gets forgotten and low-and-behold you have a leak that has now destroyed the floor underneath and possibly the ceiling of the floor below. Research and note the process.

These helpful tips should help you through the process of a bathroom remodel.

Please, if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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