Why get a bidet or bidet attachment? Why not? While they seem a little funny and kind of make you giggle at the thought of them and planting your tush on the seat and having your under carriage cleansed by a nice warm stream of water, there are many advantages to the bidet.

First off, cleanliness: this is the most important reason. A nice warmed stream of water on your tuckus will get you by far cleaner than any TP out there on the market. On top of that by getting a good rinsing down there, you’re minimizing the spread of any potential germs or microbial contaminates. Therefor limiting possible sickness. I did a little research and came across a little piece from Dr. Oz

“Besides Pilates, the best thing you can do for your bottom is to install a bidet. Why? If you accidentally got caca all over your hand, would you wash it off or wipe it off with dry toilet paper? Exactly. You’d run over to the sink faster than a sprinter in an Olympic qualifier.

So why do we wipe ourselves with dry, sandpaper-like toilet paper after we go to the bathroom? It’s not the right cleaning system because it’s irritating and increases the likelihood of getting hemorrhoids.” Full article.

If nothing else for the soothing feeling you get from a warm water wash. Honestly what could be more soothing and refreshing than the feeling you will get from the bidet wash?

So you might be thinking at this point, that sounds great but don’t I still have to use TP to dry myself. Not with the bidets and toilet bidet attachment available today. Below is one that attaches to your toilet and is what you might call a ‘full service bidet.’

Economic and Ecological factors: While you’ll use a little water to get you clean, you’ll also be saving trees. Trees are the life blood of the planet that recycle our air, and the roots filter water which in turn comes back around for use later. The benefits of having one outweigh the disadvantages. And besides when was the last time you found a brand of TP that got you clean without irritating your sensitive parts?

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