Little ones with messy hands turning handles so they can wash up can turn into a messier adventure, but touchless faucet technology can help eliminate some of the extra clean up for parents.

Children who are trying to be big kids like to wash their hands by themselves, but reaching across the sink to turn on the water can often result in a big mess. Soap ends up everywhere but on the child’s hands, water pools on the deck of the sink, and there’s always the danger of hot water potentially causing burns.

Bathroom faucets with touch and touchless technology can make a big difference.

Top-notch brands like Delta, Kohler, Grohe and Moen have done away with old-school handles to control the flow and temperature of water and rely instead on a single lever on the side of their faucets. Parents can position the handle to set how fast water is delivered and at what temperature.

Touch faucets respond to either the wrist or forearm to tap the top of the faucet to summon the water, eliminating the need to include the entire fixture in clean-up.

Smart sensors positioned at the base and sometimes also on the top of the faucet neck respond to objects waving in front of them. Swipe a hand past a sensor for on and again to turn the faucet off.

Kids of all ages will like how easy touch and touchless faucets are to use, and parents will appreciate how smaller messes don’t grow into larger ones.