A well-designed bathroom goes beyond beauty and storage solutions to incorporate generational functionality so your bathroom serves your family for years.

In the shower, there are a number of ways to increase safety without sacrificing style:

  1. Grab bars – Gone are the days of conspicuous pieces that don’t blend in with shower and tub fixtures. Instead, grab bars are available in a number of finishes and lengths designed to match whole collections of bathroom fixtures from high end manufacturers like Delta, Kohler and Moen.
  2. Fold-down seat or bench – Incorporating a seat can be as easy as affixing a fold-down version to the shower wall or by designing a bench at one end.
  3. Flooring – The right flooring in a tub or shower should be non-slip. Alcove tubs typically come with some type of ripple effect or texture on the bottom of the bathtub for sure footing. Tiled flooring in a tumbled river rock or textured stone can be a great alternative, or choose a shower pan with a textured bottom.
  4. Lighting – Recessed lighting that shines directly down into the shower is the best bet, but doesn’t necessarily have to be in the center of the space. Perhaps one at either end will work best. Choose a wet-listed LED recessed can for bright light that lasts for years.

Elsewhere in the bathroom you can choose floating, wall-mounted vanities or pedestal sinks with wider bowls so anyone using a wheelchair can more easily pull up to the sink and reach the faucet. Curbless showers are another great way to add accessibility that blends in with the rest of the room.

Taller toilets – commonly known as comfort height – are two to three inches taller than traditional toilets, which can make a huge difference when it comes to independence. Sitting down and rising is easier when the toilet seat is 16 to 17 inches above the height of the floor instead of 14 to 15 inches.

Don’t forget about the width of the bathroom door; increasing it from 30 or 32 inches to a full 36 inches means anyone using a wheelchair can more easily navigate entrances and exits.