Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority for, and we take your feedback seriously. When shoppers asked us to change some of our return policies to better meet their needs … we did.

Ordering accessories to put the finishing touch on your remodel or refresh can mean several smaller packages arriving on your doorstep. Let’s be honest … those shipments are just as exciting as when you new sinks(s) and faucet(s) arrived! But … you realize some pieces just aren’t the final polish you were expecting, and you need to return them.

Customers who shop don’t always need new fixtures; sometimes all they need is a replacement part for their garbage disposal or bathtub faucet. Unfortunately, there are times when the part you thought would be the perfect fix really isn’t, and you need to return it to us.

Now, you can.

eFaucets is now accepting returns for items that cost less than $15 – including replacement parts.

“We listened to our customers’ needs and adjusted our policies for them,” CEO Mike Fox said. is a leading online retailer of kitchen and bath fixtures where customers can shop for their homes from their homes.