Kitchens are not about cooking any more. The days of cheap stainless steel sinks and particle board counter tops are over.

The kitchen is no longer about the utility, it’s about the style and fashion statement made. It’s the one room in the house where people are tending to gather and socialize. There was a time when you didn’t let people into your kitchen for privacy sake. We’re now trending toward the opposite where the kitchen is the first and possible the only room (exception lavatory) that guests will see. Kitchens are coming big and in various shapes and designs. Many of those designs and the decor all started from the faucet.

The video below illustrates the trend in kitchen and home design.

The point is people aren’t designing their kitchens and homes based on utility like they once were. The trend is advancing toward designing rooms and whole houses around fixtures. More specifically the kitchen faucet fixture. Sinks are now creative pieces of art not the rectangular utilitarian basin of yesteryear.

The sink can be the center piece of your entertaining area. More than just a sink.

Sinks are statement about ourselves. What does your current sink say about you?

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